The 2nd International Forum on Smart and Autonomous Navigation Technology of Ships

Russian University of Transport, Harbin Engineering University and Wuhan University of Technology invite you to the 2nd International High-Level Forum on Smart and Autonomous Navigation Technologies of ships held

ON DECEMBER 22, 2022

with support of International Joint Laboratory of Smart and Autonomous Navigation Technology for Ships, Innovation & Cooperation in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (ICNAME) Alliance, Industry Association MARINET, Key laboratory of Intelligent Technology and Application of Marine Equipment (Harbin Engineering University).


Technological sovereignty in the focus of MARINET’s analytical review

On the eve of the next MARINET meeting, the MARINET Industry Association prepared an analytical review of the MARINET markets in 2022.

The review notes that the trends in the development of the world markets of the maritime industry are characterized by increased uncertainty and inconsistency. The revival of maritime transport, which was outlined by the beginning of 2022, slowed down again due to new risks and unfavorable macroeconomic conditions. The industry continues to be affected by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, including ongoing coronavirus restrictions in China. (more…)

The next MARINET meeting will be held on December 23, 2022 in Moscow and St. Petersburg

We invite you to the next open meeting of the MARINET, which will be held in person on December 23, 2022 from 10:00 to 12:00 in Moscow (Tochka Kipenia-Commune) and in St. Petersburg (Admiral Makarov Maritime and Inland Transport University).

On the agenda of the meeting:

1. Status of MARINET’s initiatives and projects;
2. Changes in NTI management and processes;
3. MARINET international cooperation;
4. Updating the MARINET roadmap
5. Miscellaneous. (more…)

Rosmorport has contracted two railway ferries with official autonomy class

Rosmorport, one of the largest European port fleet owners, has revealed entering into a contract with Sitronics for equipment of two autonomous rail/vehicle carriers. Within a year, both ships are expected to be equipped with a complete set of autonomous navigation systems and receive an official autonomous class.

The contract signed at May 25 assumes that the full set of systems including autonomous navigation system, optical surveillance and analysis system, coordinated motion control system, remote engine, and technical monitoring will be installed as well as a remote control center will be established in Saint-Petersburg. To make sure of proper control actions in navigation and potential emergencies, the fault-tolerant satellite communication system providing a 10Mb/sec connection will be incorporated. The vessels will be able to navigate in various autonomous modes: automatically, under the control at the remote control station, and traditionally, by the crew on board.


Russia has reported to the IMO on autonomous ships trials carried out in 2021

Russia sent the official report on autonomous ships trials of 2021 to the International Maritime Organization. The proper reporting is requested by the Interim Guideline on MASS Trials (MSC.1/Circ.1604) issued by the IMO in 2019. Previously, Japan, China and France also reported on MASS (maritime autonomous surface ship) trials conducted in those countries.

The trials are provided within the Autonomous and Remote Navigation Trial Project (ARNTP), involving three vessels in continuous operation within regular commercial voyages: Rabochaya by Rosmorport, Pola Anfisa by Pola Rise, and Mikhail Ulyanov by SCF. Based on the report, in 2021, the automatic and remote control trials were carried out during 28 commercial voyages.