Simulator complex – TRAWL

The simulator complex has been designed to solve a wide range of tasks related to numerical simulations, design and management of the trawl complex, maintenance of a document database, design and mathematical models of trawl complex elements, training journals and programmes, topology of fishing grounds (maps of fishing areas), commercial schedule (command placement) and access to the database. (more…)

Electronic sextant

The essence and content of the project, the available groundwork. The analysis of the technical means installed on the vessels providing the possibility of obtaining the observable coordinates of the ship’s position allows us to conclude that the only backup (independent of the presence of a radio signal and power supply) is the astronomical way of determining the observable coordinates of the ship’s position when navigating on the high seas.

The improvement of the procedure of obtaining the astronomical observable position of the vessel is associated with the improvement of the instrument intended for measuring the observable navigation parameter-the height of the luminary-the navigation sextant. Any action to improve the design of sextant stopped in the 70-80s of the last century, and this device does not meet the state of the art and scientific achievements. (more…)

Software platform for automatic data processing of well logging

LLC “ActionSpace” within the Digital Design Group of Companies developed the Software Platform for automatic data processing of Well Logging (hereinafter WL) .

The main purpose of the software platform is:
• An automation of WL data analysis using innovative methods of machine learning
• A quality enhancement of WL data processing using methods of machine learning
• A time reduction of WL data processing and a construction of geophysical models.

Current version of the SP allows to:
• Upload and download the WL data
• Train the neural networks applied in WL data analysis tasks (more…)