Applications for the competition “UMNIK-Marinet” for young scientists is open

The Foundation for Support of Innovations and MARINET announces the opening of accepting applications for the UMNIK-Marinet competition. Students, graduate students, young scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs and employees of high-tech companies aged 18 to 30 can take part in the competition. The winners of the “UMNIK-Marinet” competition will receive a grant of 500 thousand rubles for two years.

The deadline for application submission is December 1, 2020.The application can be submitted on the competition page:

During the selection process, applicants admitted to the final of the competition will need to present  personally their project to the MARINET experts from 07 to 25 December (the final date will be determined additionally).

Topics of the UMNIK-Marinet competition:
– Marine robotics;
– New types of ships and services based on them for the development of ocean resources;
– High-speed transport vessels of the new generation;
– Robotic equipment of ships and ports, intelligent sensors;
– “Energy Efficient Ship” – solutions to reduce emissions into the environment from maritime transport;
– New technologies for shipbuilding and repair: virtual modeling, predictive maintenance tools, advanced materials, etc.;
– Solutions for autonomous navigation;
– Technical means of e-Navigation for ships and coastal systems, means of information exchange;
– Service platforms for access to hydro-, meteorological and navigation information, as well as for multi-agent interaction of industry participants;
– Perspective solutions for the development of satellite and terrestrial (maritime) telecommunications and data transmission infrastructure;
– Solutions for the integrated provision of environmental safety;
– New means of offshore hydrocarbon production;
– Solutions for exploration and engineering surveys;
– Commercial solutions for energy production based on renewable energy sources of the ocean and offshore energy;
– Marine biotechnology, including technologies for marine farms, biotechnology for the production of feed, biofuels, waste treatment;
– Underwater sensors, underwater communications and positioning equipment;
– New technologies for training personnel for the maritime industry.