Autopilot for Dynamic Principles of Support and Other Type Vessels

Autopilot with Automatic Movement on Different Trajectories Modes and Carrying out Maneuvering Macro, Designed for Dynamic Principles of Support and Other Type Vessels (ASMS) by the Central Scientific Research Institute Kurs 

Main consumer benefits:
• Suitable for a wide range of transport and special vessels including ships with dynamic principles of maintaining
• Automatic transfer from the tack to the tack, which ensures compliance with the requirements of IEC 62065 to the ship’s trajectory control systems for category C (Full track control on legs and turns)
• If the course is changed in severe weather conditions, provides a reserve of control signal
• In emergency situations, it is possible to execute macro maneuvering commands consisting of several elementary
• Exemption of the boat master from the performance of monotonous operations during the inspection of the water area by the tacks

Technical novelty
• For executive trajectories instead of linear-arc trajectories, physically realizable trajectories with continuous curvature will be used, motion along which can be carried out practically without lateral deviation.
• Formation of executive trajectories can be performed in real time.
•  Exact movement along physically realizable trajectories is ensured by nonlinear control laws that can take into account the non-linearity of the control object.
Examples of trajectories with continuous curvature for the inspection of the water area, motion along which provides a prototype of the autopilot

Competitive advantages
• In emergency situations, switching to a parallel trajectory by one command
• There is no need to calculate the starting point of movement of the rudder when the course changes


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