Development of ballast water disinfection in unified light and sound field

According to Global Environment Facility, one of the most significant threat for global ocean is a transfer of alien marine organisms with ship’s ballast water to new environmental conditions. This can cause severe damage for fishery and local aquaculture, cause infection distribution and other negative consequences.

Existing ballast water treatment solutions on the market have the following disadvantages: chlorine-containing compounds are formed, formaldehydes are present, high cost, low efficiency. (more…)

Distributed fiber-optic hydroacoustic sensor

The fiber-optic sensor being developed represents a distributed phase array of hydroacoustic signals. It will be exploited as a towed seismic streamer in active marine seismic survey and as an ocean bottom seismic system for acquisition of microseismic events at underwater exploration of hydrocarbon reservoirs. Its long fiber-optic cable acts as a set of sequential sensing elements and simultaneously represents the data collection line.

The system consists of three main parts, which are being developed in collaboration of different profile companies. The first part is hardware located on the surface, which includes optical, electronic and digital subsystems. The hardware part is being developed by our company. The second part is the actual sensing element of the system. It is a specially designed fiber-optic cable having a complex structure, which was given directional properties in space. And the third one is the software allowing to conduct digital signal processing in real time and also to automate analysis and interpretation of collected information. (more…)

Float Wave Electric Power Station

The project concerns the development of Float Wave Electric Power Station (FWEPS) as an installation for sea wave energy conversion to electricity with high productivity, efficiency and operation performance, applicable to meet a power requirement in different areas of the Earth; production and sale of single and multimodule FWEPS as well as electricity produced.

The module of FWEPS is an oblong axisymmetrical capsule-float which is located on the sea surface.  Inside the capsule there is a mechanical wave energy converter, consisting of an oscillatory system and drive, and an electric generator and energy accumulator. Under the wave effect the capsule-float and inner oscillatory system of the mechanical converter are in continuous oscillatory motion, while the drive engaged with the system provides a continuous turn for the electric generator. (more…)

Marine Optical Sensors of Bioparticles on the Base of DHC-technology of Ьeasurement

Developing set of sensors is based on DHC-technique (Digital Holographic Camera). DHC-technology provides registration, measurement, recognition and classification of suspended particles of different origin including biological ones in the habitat. DHC sensors are targeted on hydrobiological measurements in situ with obtaining information in real time and using of modern communication channels and different media.


Marineo. Automatic ship navigation’s systems based on the operational analysis of complex data

Marineo Co. Ltd. was founded in late 2015 and become the resident of the Skolkovo Foundation. The Company’s main profile is development of   automatic ship navigation’s systems based on the operational analysis of complex data.

Company offered products depending on the situation and the user’s wishes, gives a flexible approach in  selection of criteria such as transition route based on  safety, speed and cost. The choice of priority control to prevent danger in routes  of transportation and situations which could be  directly delegated or shared between the carrier ship-owner, the captain and the program producer. (more…)

Undewater IoT. Underwater Communication & Navigation Laboratory

Underwater Communication & Navigation Laboratory is a Russian developer and manufacturer of commercially available devices and complexes for underwater wireless navigation and communication, used by divers and ROV/AUV in a wide range of underwater works.

UC&NL products include various navigation solutions (long base, ultrashort base-line) with outstanding characteristics. These products have no analogs in the world. We develop and manufacture underwater digital wireless data transmission systems. (more…)

Prototype of a marine power complex “Diving wing” using the energy of underwater currents

The project focused on the implementation of the road map Marinette to develop the energy resources of the ocean. In ocean currents (surface and deep) are concentrated huge reserves of kinetic energy (about 7.2 – 1012 kWh/year) that can be converted into electricity. The development of only 0.1% of the energy potential of the ocean can provide energy for 15 billion people. The entire area of the World ocean cross currents having different directions and speeds.

There are a large number of oceanic currents with flow rates from 0.4 to 1 m/s, which modern developers gidroenergostroy not even considered, as it is believed that the use of energy data trends are not yet commercially profitable, as at the present time there are no technical solutions for efficient energy conversion low flow velocities. At these low velocities the use of traditional transducers kinetic energy of the flow of water in a mechanical – hydraulic turbines – is ineffective. (more…)

ProFiShip – Technology for high value protein and fat extraction from fish

Our technology for high value protein and fat extraction from fish and other marine processing by-products allows companies to produce high value products and generate additional revenue equal to 200-1000 € from 1 metric ton of by-products.With our technology your company will improve its profitability, capacity load factor, sustainability and create new jobs.

Main products

1. Protein (Fish Protein Hydrolysate) for food & feed additive as well as biotech applications:
i. Dry granulate with protein content > 90%, minerals < 4-5%, fat < 1%, dry matter > 97%, high value protein for food/feed additives and biotech applications
ii. Fluid concentrate with protein content > 50% for feed applications (pigs, breeding sows, ducks, geese etc.) (more…)