Circular thermoelectric generating module

The creation of remote energy sources is a resource-intensive and complex task. There are important questions of necessity to provide long-term operation, reliability and absence of vibrations are sharply raised. Often, such energy sources are discarded in favor of simpler alternatives because of the increased cost of generated energy. But, thanks to the rapid development of semiconductor technologies and an increase in the efficiency of thermoelectric processes, new opportunities have appeared to increase the efficiency of remote systems.

The goal of the project is to create a reliable source of energy for remote marine infrastructure facilities and marine autonomous underwater vehicles. This project implements an innovative device approach of a remote electric power source. Reliability, safety, environmental cleanliness in combination with compact dimensions and high efficiency are ensured.

Our solution for an autonomous power source is the development of a circular thermoelectric generating module. Due to the ring structure of the thermoelectric module, it is possible to achieve unification of the energy source. The application of thermoelectric technology will allow to develop a number of new relevant areas for the production of underwater robotics, conduction of hydrological and ecological research and search and development of minerals.

The use of circular thermoelectric generator modules in autonomous power sources opens up a wide range of additional applications:

– as a main part of thermoelectric generator with electrical power 40 kW. It will work on associated gas and ensuring the autonomy uninhabited gas and oil producing offshore platforms in the Arctic

– as a part of thermoelectric generators with underwater placement. They will work on geothermal energy and allow to provide electric power to autonomous objects of sea infrastructure and marine autonomous underwater vehicles and probes with a total capacity of up to 40 kW

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VP Project Management

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