Competition for sustainable ocean development projects is open for application

The Skolkovo Foundation in partnership with the “Marine Innovations” company is launching a project competition “UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 14 – Conservation of Marine Ecosystems” for companies and teams specializing in artificial intelligence technologies in the maritime industry.

Applications for participation are accepted until August 18 inclusive complex international projects for mapping the World Ocean as well as specific applied problems solutions are invited: signal processing technologies, images, computer vision will be in demand, utonomous navigation, precise positioning, robotic solutions, satellite data processing, smart automation of fishing, etc.

Sergey Dutov, Director for Development and Industrial Partners of the Information Technologies Cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation: “Thanks to the nomination, companies that are now effectively using their technologies “on land “- in cities, fields and in the air – will be able to try to reach a new market with the support of an experienced player. The threshold of entry into this relatively closed area until recently has dropped significantly, and now a window of opportunity is opening for new technological leaders in the field of marine geological exploration, fishing, transport, and the development of mariculture”.

Anton Pleshkov, General Director of Marine Innovations: “Through work with Marine Innovations and under the supervision of the MARINET, technology companies will significantly reduce the threshold for entering a promising new market, as well as provide access to technical infrastructure and expertise in the field of hydroacoustics”.