Marine Magnetometer MariMag

MariMag is high-sensitive, precise and compact system for magnetic surveys both in shallow and deep waters. Precise Overhauser MariMag sensor provides stable operations without any maintenance in a ten-year period.

Built-in compass, accelerometer, leakage detector, pressure and humidity sensors allow us to control the fish position and switch it off in case of the flow.
Precise sensors with stable specifications as well as system modular design allow us to arrange both longitudinal and horizontal transverse gradiometers very easy. Such option can obtain more information about the magnetic field anomalies and increase data accuracy. MariMag modular construction allows service companies to configure the system according to their tasks and plan their budget most efficiently.

Special software from the equipment set can be installed at any personal computer. The software is intended for the equipment management and control, as well as data recording and visualization, their upload in specified file formats.

MariMag is a modern equipment that has a few analogues on international market. This autonomous system with high sensitivity and accuracy, advanced management software together with a variety of built-in monitoring and control sensors make it the most affordable solution for any kinds of marine magnetometry surveys.

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