Marine Multipurpose Unmanned Platform

The platform is a composite autonomous vessel intended for the collection and transmission of information. It is driven by wind power through the installation of a rigid sail-wing, as well as for accurate positioning will be equipped with azipod systems with brushless electric motors. The installation of solar panels and wind generators for charging the batteries and supplying the “azipod” system is envisaged in order to stabilize and position the drone on the water surface.

In the main body of the vessel, sensors and equipment are installed for the needs of the customer. The underwater part of the hull will be equipped with grippers for fastening and towing research equipment, as well as a sluice with a lifting and lowering part, for work on the bottom or in the bottom area, as well as sampling of bottom sediments. The main body will also have a cargo compartment for transportation of scientific equipment or small-sized cargoes, including rescue equipment for ships in distress and their crews.



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