Marineo. Automatic ship navigation’s systems based on the operational analysis of complex data

Marineo Co. Ltd. was founded in late 2015 and become the resident of the Skolkovo Foundation. The Company’s main profile is development of   automatic ship navigation’s systems based on the operational analysis of complex data.

Company offered products depending on the situation and the user’s wishes, gives a flexible approach in  selection of criteria such as transition route based on  safety, speed and cost. The choice of priority control to prevent danger in routes  of transportation and situations which could be  directly delegated or shared between the carrier ship-owner, the captain and the program producer.

The main product is the software which allows the  real-time carry out on-line analysis of satellite,  one can obtain s automatic and semi-automatic laying the optimal route of the vessels.

The basic consumer qualities in  optimum route formatting are minimizing the transition time, maximum fuel economy, ensuring the required level of safety, forecast of the optimal date of ship’s departure to the sea, analysis of the optimal period of the year for the implementation of marine transition, traffic optimization of any other maritime objects of similar mechanics of ship’s motion, viewing thematic hydrometeorological and environmental maps, the access to the history of the passage routes of ships with the evaluation of optimality of their passage on the set parameters.

Product could diversify  as a  work of individual microservices, analysis of satellite data and predictive modeling of parameters that have a significant impact on navigation: water wind, near-surface sea currents, sea swell, ice conditions, use of current navigation information, expert assessments of the safety level of navigation by areas.

The cost depends on the radius of analyzed area, the forecast period, the using satellite and model data and it costs from 0.1 to 30 $ per day.

Another segment of the company’s products is multicomponent marine software and hardware complexes for large tonnage and small vessels, which automatically analyze the ship’s traffic parameters and local hydrometeorological situation to optimize the vessel’s movement at the sea.

The basic consumer qualities are continued operation work during movement of the vessel, automatic collection of settings vessel traffic, parameters of sea waves, over-water wind and ice conditions, construction of a mathematical model of the ship’s speed, depending on the mode of propulsion and environmental hydrometeorological conditions, two-way data exchange with “coastal software” for automatic and semi-automatic laying of optimal routes, the using of ship measurement data for issuing recommendations on optimal vessel movement in local waves, wind, currents, ice.

Product parameters are waterproof main body for the blocks located outside the vessel, vibration resistance and protection against salt sea fog for all blocks of the complex, power supply from the main ship power source with automatic changeover to own backup power supply.

The product cost for the consumer depends on the equipment and the need for additional installation of standard measuring instruments and is in the range of $ 500-30000.


In addition, the proposed products of Marineo Co. Ltd. automatically collect the parameters of the ship’s movement and the surrounding hydrometeorological situation, which allows developing individual mathematical models of movement at sea for individual vessels.

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