MARINET and WWF intend to cooperate in the new eco-technologies

MARINET and the Wildlife Fund (WWF) intend to collaborate on the development, use and testing of new environmental technologies. According to a representative of the Miron Borgulev Foundation, who spoke at the MARINET meeting, WWF is engaged in projects related to the development of special trawls with a reduced environmental impact, a system of trauma-free repellency of small feeders, automatic catch accounting systems, and the use of alternative types of marine fuels. 

Representatives of the Fund will also be included in the MARINET expert subgroup on biotechnology, aquaculture and fishing technology, the decision to establish which was made at the extended MARINET meeting on April 25, 2019. At the same meeting, three aquaculture technology startups were recommended for support under the “ Start-NTI ”: Automated unit for production of live starter feed  (Institute of Biology of Inland Waters), Technology of sea urchin cage-fattening (LLC Marin Intermedius, Vladivostok) and Artificial Reproduction and Commercial Growth of the Mittling Crab (Aquamarine Aquaculture Research and Production Enterprise, Vladivostok).