MARINET opens joint center with Harbin University of Engineering in China

On September 25, the agreement on cooperation and establishment of Russian-Chinese innovation center for the development of marine technology was signed between MARINET Industry Association, Harbin Engineering University and the Yantai Steering Committee of the Techno-Economic Development Zone / the Steering Committee of the Pilot Free Trade Zone (Shandong) of China.

The purpose of cooperation, according to the signed agreement, is “to integrate the research capabilities of the parties, coordinate joint scientific research in order to industrialize technologies, build long-term and stable cooperation relations, promote the development of marine high technologies, as well as organize and coordinate interaction between research institutions of the two countries in promising areas”.
“Our cooperation can pave the way for the implementation of state-of-the-art digital navigation and autonomous shipping technologies, exploration and production of marine minerals, use of clean ocean energy, marine robotics, aquatic biotechnology and, of course, training and human resources development,” said MARINET general director Alexander Pinsky.