MARINET supported new innovative projects at the meeting on April 25

At the MARINET Meeting on April 25 MARINET has approved new projects in digital navigation, innovative shipbuilding and ocean resources development technologies. Supported projects include Autonomous recreational small boats system IQBoat (Aurora Robotics Design Bureau), Compact individual rescue tool with a mechanism for extracting from the water (Energiya-Service LLC), Antifriction composite material based on a hybrid reinforcing material and polymeric thermosetting matrix of a new generation for friction units (Tribocomposite, PKF RADA), Engineering bottom seismic with for multi-wave seismic acoustic research in shallow water areas (Morgeocomplex LLC).

The IQBoat  project by Aurora Robotics is intended for creation of a system of several recreational vessels capable of autonomously sailing along specified routes and mooring remotely controlled from an onshore dispatching office. The concept is designed for operation in enclosed body of water. The start of sales is scheduled for 2020. The cost of an autonomous package is estimated at RUB 10 million.

The developers of the Compact individual rescue tool with a mechanism for extracting from the water presented several options of lifeboats costing from about 1400 USD to more than 6000 USD. Depending on the configuration, the boats will be able to use the third-party delivery systems or independently get to the rescued person, who will need to press the button and pull the lever so that the boat opens and ensures that the person is removed from the water and warmed up. Developers anticipate on changes in international maritime legislation in order to include such tools in the list of mandatory use on ships and offshore platforms.

The development by PKF RADA allows to cancel lubricants use in the bearings of the rowing installations on vessels, which eliminates the risks of contamination of lubricants into the waters.