MARINET’s Roadmap on improving legislation has been approved

The roadmap developed by the MARINET and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia to improve legislation and remove administrative barriers has been approved by the Government of Russia. The roadmap is aimed at creating conditions for promotion of new products and services to the market, support of new types of business activities, applying new business models, and stimulating the advanced implementation of high technologies in the maritime industry.

The implementation of the roadmap supposes the support of activities of the government authorities, companies, public organizations to implement initiatives aimed at promising technological markets of the global maritime industry: digital navigation (e-Navigation), ocean resources development technologies and innovative shipbuilding.

The subject of the roadmap is the development and implementation of international, national and industry standards and legal acts ensuring advanced implementation of new technologies in the maritime industry. Another aim is the stimulating development, including through the removal of administrative barriers, the Russian maritime industry as the core financial source for the new marine technologies development and implementation. An important element of the roadmap is the active participation in the development of international standards and regulatory  to support producers and consumers of high-tech solutions in the world market.

Key areas of the MARINET’s roadmap for improving legislation include:
– Development of electronic services and public data
– Increasing the competitiveness of Russian maritime solutions
– Improvement of technical regulation, standardization, certification
– Removal of restrictions on the establishment and operation of test beds
– Improvement of procurement activities
– Changing the tax system

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