Multifrequency traverse-scan sonar for monitoring of marine bioresources in shallow water on technologies of nonlinear acoustics (MTSS)

Multifrequency traverse-scan sonar for monitoring marine bioresources in shallow water using nonlinear acoustics technologies (MTSS) is intended for horizontal location of fish accumulations and single fishes, monitoring of marine bioresources in adverse search and fishing conditions of shallow water.

MTSS is intended for consumers conducting research (search, detection, monitoring, evaluation) and catch of marine bioresources in inland waters and on the offshore shelf.

Currently, only echo sounders (vertical location) are used to detect and monitor bioresources in shallow water. The scanned area of the water space in the echo sounders is very limited. At shallow depths, when the vessel moves, the “scaring effect” has a significant effect on fish behavior. Devices of horizontal location (“conventional” sonars) with a large field of scan are extremely inefficient due to reverberation and multiple reflections of acoustic signals from the bottom and the surface.

Devices of horizontal location for detecting marine bioresources in shallow water do not currently exist.

In the proposed sonar due to the use of nonlinear acoustics technologies, narrow-directional (3 and 6 degrees in the vertical plane and 10, 20, 30 degrees in the horizontal plane) multifrequency radiation is formed with minimum mass and dimensions characteristics of the antenna. The parameters of the sonar make it possible to expand the scanned area tens of times, providing the detection range of fish accumulations and other bioresources at distances not less than 1000 m.

The application of MTSS will allow fishermen and hydrobiologists to significantly improve the search efficiency object of fishing and to monitor bioresources and hydrobionts due to a significant increase in the size of the surveyed zone (tens of times higher compared to echo sounders).

None of the existing fish sounders and sonars has such competitive advantages.




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