National stage of the online Olympiad “Solar Regatta” has been completed

On June 10, the online olympiad stage of “Solar Regatta” was been held.  18 teams of 5-11 grades schoolchildren from different cities of Russia took part in the Olympiad. The program of the Olympiad included three competition stages: a quiz, a brain-ring and a captain’s competition.

The quiz included 15 topics in the fields of renewable energy, maritime shipping, geography and even biology. In the “Brain-Ring” competition, the questions were formed by the teams themselves, so, the guys had the opportunity to demonstrate not only the ability to answer, but also to formulate questions. For the captain’s competition, the guys had to present a report on “Tasks for robotic unmanned vehicle on solar panels: what and how?” To do this, the students demonstrated their engineering ideas supported by drawings, sketches, 3D models and models of solar drones.

In a welcome speech to the participants of the Olympiad Eugene Kasanov, head of the National Center for Engineering Competitions and Competitions, noted that the new format allows to maintain communication between the participants of the engineering competitions “Solar Regatta” during the coronavirus pandemic.

He wished the situation to improve as soon as possible and  all participants to meet in the usual format at the Solar Regatta competitions.