Protection & Energy. The technology of active shoreline protection and power generation

Protection&Energy technology (Wave Hunter, wave energy damper by HESC Group) of the construction of the wave power stations will provide:
– Efficient utilization of the sea waves energy
– Creation and development of the
– Recreational areas
– Energy-independent coastal settlements
– Safe routes for the coastwise navigation
– Protected artificial bays for the touristic activities, fish farming and other biosources-related activities

– Derives motion energy from the waves
– Converts wave energy into useful work (electricity)
– Dampers wave oscillations and destroys them


– Provides wave energy reduction of 8-10 times
– Converts up to 40% of the wave energy into electricity

Equipped with the automatic control system which:
– estimates the power of the wave impact
– changes in real time the relevant parameters of the working body
– increases/reduces damping effect
– redistributes load, that provides equally efficient and reliable performance for various wave parameters

No wave impact restrictions
Equipped with custom designed generator and transmission which:
– reduce to the minimum the static load on the support structures
– allows maximum utilization of the kinetic and potential energy of the waves

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Vladimir Egurnov,  CEO HESC Group (Hydro Energy Special Constructions)

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Julia Sadykova, Project Manager HESC Group (Hydro Energy Special Constructions)

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