Simulator complex – TRAWL

The simulator complex has been designed to solve a wide range of tasks related to numerical simulations, design and management of the trawl complex, maintenance of a document database, design and mathematical models of trawl complex elements, training journals and programmes, topology of fishing grounds (maps of fishing areas), commercial schedule (command placement) and access to the database.

Spheres of application
• Education;
• Design and engineering;
• Operation and maintenance.

The simulator complex includes:
• AWS of a design engineer;
• AWS of a project developer;
• AWS of a shipbuilder;
• AWS of a navigator;
• AWS of a fisherman;
• AWS of a student and a cadet;
• AWS of a laboratory assistant;
• AWS of a researcher.

• Solid elements constructor;
• Cordage constructor;
• Fishing area topology editor;
• Schedule editor;
• Arranger;
• Strength analysis;
• Calculation of flow dynamics;
• Dynamic simulation;
• Simulator of fishing processes;
• Training management.

More detailed information about the project can be obtained at Kaliningrad State Technical University
Commercial fishery department
Postal address: 199178, Russia, Kaliningrad, Sovetskiy prospekt 1
Telephone: +7(4012)995910
Fax: +7(4012)995346

E-mail: Alexander Nedostup
Alexander Nedostup, Head of the Commercial fishery department