The third stage of the Development-NTI program is open

On April 6 the third stage of the “Development-NTI” Program by the Fund for the Promotion of Innovations was opened. Within the framework of the program the projects for R&D aimed at the MARINET key directions will be selected and supported.

Applications should be submitted before May 21, 2018. The projects should be aimed at the priority topics approved by MARINET taking into account technological barriers. The current list of the MARINET topics include:

1. Solutions for autonomous navigation, including navigation, radar and optical software and hardware systems

2. Solutions for gathering operational data on the ecological and hydrophysical situation in the World Ocean, equipped with a system of operational data transmission

3. Technologies and means of detection and monitoring, incl. systems of technical vision and visualization

4. Solutions for geological and geophysical prospecting on the seabed

5. Underwater wireless communication

6. Radio-electronic ship-to-shore data transmission (navigational information, ship equipment condition), taking into account the conditions of vessels

7. Systems for collection, processing and analysis of external data and parameters of vessel movement

8. Means and services of direct interaction of the transport industry actors

9. Laser vision systems for underwater robotics

10. Effective solutions for converting the energy of marine and oceanic waves, and the energy of underwater currents

11. Energy sources for autonomous sea infrastructure and marine autonomous unmanned vehicles and probes

12. New effective power sources for ships and marine equipment, which ensure a reduction in emissions of harmful substances into the environment, incl. systems of autonomous power supply of vessels based on renewable energy sources

13. New, incl. nanocomposite, materials, applicable for the development of resources of the world ocean

14. New types of vessels for high-speed sea transportation of passengers and cargoes

15. New equipment for ships and marine equipment, which allows to significantly reduce costs during construction and operation

16. Technologies of production of aquacultures and bioresources

17. Eco-friendly biotechnologies for waste processing, ballast water treatment, processing of oil-containing waste on ships and in water areas

18. Solutions for environmental monitoring and pollution assessment of water areas