Undewater IoT. Underwater Communication & Navigation Laboratory

Underwater Communication & Navigation Laboratory is a Russian developer and manufacturer of commercially available devices and complexes for underwater wireless navigation and communication, used by divers and ROV/AUV in a wide range of underwater works.

UC&NL products include various navigation solutions (long base, ultrashort base-line) with outstanding characteristics. These products have no analogs in the world. We develop and manufacture underwater digital wireless data transmission systems.

One of the most promising and ambitious projects of the Laboratory was the so-called Internet of underwater things. It is a scalable system that allows receiving data from autonomous underwater sensors and determining their location on a time scale close to the real one, as well as controlling autonomous underwater actuators from the Internet.

We decided that we would make devices that compete in quality and functionality with more expensive solutions. As it seems to us and our customers, we have coped well with this task.

Over the past two years, our customers have been both state and commercial structures. Our products are used to solve such problems as:

  • positioning of submersibles that are used for inspecting underwater objects;
  • underwater mapping of cultural heritage sites;
  • search and neutralization of dangerous objects;
  • inspection of underwater structures;
  • providing a backup communication channel with a remote-controlled unmanned underwater vehicle;
  • control of an unmanned underwater vehicle.

Contact us: tel/fax +7 (499) 322-25-37, ext. 1000