RDC Aqualines. Modern rapid fleet.

The overall goal of the project is to increase the speed of sea transportation in principle. Options for solving this problem are ekranoplans and hydrofoil vessels.

The result of the project (product) should be the development of a basic technical appearance (platform), as well as the technical and operational design, production of a specific vehicle – the multipurpose marine ekranoplan EP-15 (length 16.5 m, displacement 5.5 tons, capacity 15 people) and putting it into operation.

The purpose of the vehicle is cargo and passenger transportation at the speed of up to 200 km/h on the route lines of 50 – 300 km, with a 3 points wave. Herewith, the ekranoplan has no need for airport infrastructure and certification procedures related to aviation.


In addition, RDC Aqualines in partnership with NPO Aerotechnologies company presents a retractible swept-forward hydrofoil vessel – the project A-902 (length 18 m, displacement 15 tons, capacity 25 passengers).

Representatives from different regions take part in the project: Sweden, Finland, Estonia, France, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Thailand, Indonesia, Africa and Latin America. Also there are contacts established with international certification societies (IMO, Lloyd’s).

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