MARINET is a maritime high-tech association supporting advanced technologies development, technological and research teams. The Working Group of the same name is also a part of the National Technology Initiative. National Technology Initiative (NTI) is a key long-term program of the public-private partnership in development of promising new markets based on high-tech solutions that will determine development of the global and Russian economy in the next 15-20 years.

MARINET involves a wide range of organizations providing advanced technologies for the maritime industry – from the leading corporations and universities to startup companies and research teams. Currently it joins several hundreds representatives from technology companies, leading universities, research and scientific centers, development institutions, business associations, ministries and government agencies.

MARINET provides acceleration and financial support of projects, a legal framework improvement aimed at implementation of the new technologies as well as support for the establishment of cooperation in the Russian and international markets.

MARINET Roadmap includes development and implementation of activities in the following priority areas:
– Digital Navigation (e-Navigation)
– Technology for ocean resources development
– Innovative shipbuilding
– Human resources development
– Improvement of the legal framework and regulations

Chairman of MARINET Industry Association is Alexander Pinskiy, information technologist, author and the leader of autonomous navigation developments (a-Navigation) in Russia. Chairman of MARINET Working Group is Viktor Olersky, a well-known representative of the Russian maritime industry, Chairman of Board of Vodohod Company.