The 2nd International Forum on Smart and Autonomous Navigation Technology of Ships

Russian University of Transport, Harbin Engineering University and Wuhan University of Technology invite you to the 2nd International High-Level Forum on Smart and Autonomous Navigation Technologies of ships held

ON DECEMBER 22, 2022

with support of International Joint Laboratory of Smart and Autonomous Navigation Technology for Ships, Innovation & Cooperation in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (ICNAME) Alliance, Industry Association MARINET, Key laboratory of Intelligent Technology and Application of Marine Equipment (Harbin Engineering University).


Rosmorport has contracted two railway ferries with official autonomy class

Rosmorport, one of the largest European port fleet owners, has revealed entering into a contract with Sitronics for equipment of two autonomous rail/vehicle carriers. Within a year, both ships are expected to be equipped with a complete set of autonomous navigation systems and receive an official autonomous class.

The contract signed at May 25 assumes that the full set of systems including autonomous navigation system, optical surveillance and analysis system, coordinated motion control system, remote engine, and technical monitoring will be installed as well as a remote control center will be established in Saint-Petersburg. To make sure of proper control actions in navigation and potential emergencies, the fault-tolerant satellite communication system providing a 10Mb/sec connection will be incorporated. The vessels will be able to navigate in various autonomous modes: automatically, under the control at the remote control station, and traditionally, by the crew on board.


Russia has reported to the IMO on autonomous ships trials carried out in 2021

Russia sent the official report on autonomous ships trials of 2021 to the International Maritime Organization. The proper reporting is requested by the Interim Guideline on MASS Trials (MSC.1/Circ.1604) issued by the IMO in 2019. Previously, Japan, China and France also reported on MASS (maritime autonomous surface ship) trials conducted in those countries.

The trials are provided within the Autonomous and Remote Navigation Trial Project (ARNTP), involving three vessels in continuous operation within regular commercial voyages: Rabochaya by Rosmorport, Pola Anfisa by Pola Rise, and Mikhail Ulyanov by SCF. Based on the report, in 2021, the automatic and remote control trials were carried out during 28 commercial voyages.


1st International High-level Forum on Smart and Autonomous Navigation Technology of Ships

On November 16-17, 2021 the 1st International High-level Forum on Smart and Autonomous Navigation Technology of Ships was organized by Russian Transport University, Harbin Engineering University, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University of Technology, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences with support of International Maritime Organization (IMO), Industry Association MARINET, Innovation & Cooperation in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (ICNAME) Alliance, China Association of the National Shipbuilding Industry.

The aim of the Forum is to present current achievements in the implementation of autonomous navigation in different countries and to establish regular cooperation between universities of major maritime countries, which play significant role in coordination and development of such projects and researches in every country. (more…)

Video of autonomous navigation in real operation is presented for the first time

A video recording of the entire a-Navigation complex in real operation was first shown to representatives of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), shipping companies and scientific centers during an online conference on a-Navigation in Moscow.

“Russia avails regulatory and technology assets to offer all interested parties. I welcome all countries to join our experience providing exceptional opportunities for all mankind in terms of navigation safety”, – said AleksandrPoshivai by inviting Conference participants to enjoy the video of an example of a-Navigation Trial Project.

“This year, we are completing a large-scale a-Navigation Trial Project – in real conditions – and beginning a national experiment on the trial operation of autonomous vessels under the Russian flag. In December last year, the Russian government, the Flag State administration, approved the Decree on conducting such an experiment, considering the IMO’s Interim Guidelines for the Maritime Autonomous Ships Trials. In accordance with it, any shipping company will be able to equip its ships under the Russian flag with autonomous navigation systems and operate them in their regular activities as part of the national experiment”, – he emphasized. (more…)

Admiral Nevelskoy Maritime University will train specialists in a-Navigation

18 декабря в Южно-Сахалинске под патронатом губернатора Валерия Лимаренко два ведущих вуза Дальнего Востока в области морских технологий – Морской государственный университет имени адмирала Г.И. Невельского и Сахалинский государственный университет – и судоходная компания «Морспецсервис» подписали соглашение подготовке специалистов автономной навигации (a-Навигации).

Соглашение предусматривает разработку программ обучения и подготовку специалистов по а-Навигации, начиная, с 2021 года, в том числе практические занятия на автономных судах «Морспецсервиса». (more…)

Shipping companies have started a-Navigation testing in real conditions

Participants of the pilot project on automatic and remote navigation (a-Navigation, ARNTP) began testing a set of technical means in real conditions.

The tests are made during the regular operation of Rosmorport, Sovcomflot and Paula Group vessels and should be completed by the end of the year.

At the same time draft federal law and government decree on autonomous shipping have been already officially submitted to the government. They will allow the mass operation of autonomous vessels under the Russian flag as a part of a national experiment from 2021 to 2025. Thus, maritime ships can become the first type of autonomous transport allowed for commercial operation in Russia.


“Russia – the country of sailors of the XXI century” has opened classes

On October 1, Marine Center of Captain Varukhin (in Velikiy Novgorod) opens new classes as a part of the project “Russia – the country of sailors of the XXI century.” It was launched last year with support of NTI and MARINET; under the project the Marine Center was equipped with modern simulators and navigation equipment on training ships.

About 200 children from Mari El, Karelia, Arkhangelsk, Yaroslavl, Novosibirsk, Tambov, Kostroma, Vologda, Novgorod regions as well as St. Petersburg entered the first stage of the Ship Operator program. 145 attendees of clubs of young sailors from five regions, who started training last year, passed to the second stage.


MASS and USV test water area “Drone” opened by the administration of Volgo-Balt

The Volgo-Balt administration has created Russia’s first official test water area on inland waterways for testing unmanned vehicles and vessels. The test water area “Drone” is intended for testing and testing technologies for unmanned navigation.

The test area includes two test sites:
– in the eastern part of Lake Ladoga;
– on 1371 km of the Neva River in St. Petersburg (note SeaNews: apparently, this means 1371 km of the Volga-Baltic route).


Autonomous and Remote Navigation Trial Project starts wide autonomous navigation

Autonomous and Remote Navigation Trial Project (ARNTP) is implemented as a part of the “MARINET” roadmap of the National Technology Initiative with support by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, with the involvement of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

The strategic aim of the project is the establishment of technical and legal conditions for the wide maritime autonomous surface ships (MASS) operation by shipping companies under the flag of Russian Federation from 2021 January and in any other country which will be ready to follow our approach.

Mikhail Ulyanov by SCFPola Anfisa by Pola Group

Rabochaya by Rosmorport
Ships participating in ARNTP: Mikhail Ulyanov by SCF, Pola Anfisa by Pola Group, Rabochaya within dredging caravan by Rosmorport