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Personal Data

You can access MARINET website and browse it without disclosing your personal data. Your personal data are requested only if you want to access Members area. Members area is for the members of the MARINET Working Group and Expert Community and your personal data is used to verify your membership and provide you information about MARINET activities.

We do not sell or provide any third party with the data you disclosed.

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Where used, these cookies are downloaded to your computer and stored on the computer’s hard drive. This anonymous data is used only for statistical purposes, and will not provide it to any third party. You can adjust the settings on your computer to decline any cookies if you wish.  This can easily be done by activating the reject cookies setting on your computer.

Legal Statement

The MARINET website is managed by the MARINET Working Group of the National Technology Initiative with support of its members.

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Please take into account that significant part of information in Members area belongs to third parties and cannot be used or distributed without their prior official permission.

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These clauses are intended to extend, in their effect, to any other site to which this site is linked and should be read accordingly.