Сhina-Russia symposium on hydroacoustics and information technologies – Nov, 28, 2020

A joint conference of Russian and Chinese scientists, engineers and companies dedicated to hydroacoustic and information technologies will be held on November 28 and 29 in a combined face-to-face and remote format.

The conference is organized by Harbin University of Engineering, Far Eastern Federal University and MARINET with the organizational support of the Department of Informatics of the Committee of the State Science Foundation of China.

To participate in the conference in a remote format, please use the Zoom video conference:
number: 874 9137 2334
password: 378208

The conference will be open on November 28 at 8:00 (Beijing time), the conference program is presented below.

08: 00-08: 30
Yao Yu, President of Harbin University of Engineering,
Grigory Dolgikh, Deputy Chairman of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, academician of RAS
Alexander Samardak, Vice Rector for Science of the Far Eastern Federal University
Yuri Marapulets, Director Institute for Cosmophysical Research and Radio Waves of FEB RAS
Alexander Pinsky, Director of the MARINET Industry Association
Wang Chenwen, Deputy Head of the State Science Foundation of the People’s Republic of China

08: 30-08: 50
Wu Qihui, Intelligent Self-Organizing Network of Large-Scale Drone Cluster Nanjing University of Aviation and Cosmonautics

08: 50-09: 10
Xu Wen, Distributed Underwater Speaker Network: Research on Problems and Potential Applications, Zhejiang University

09: 10-09: 30
Korochentsev Vladimir, Study of the complex of hydroacoustic and electromagnetic communication in the ice situation of the Arctic, Far Eastern Federal University

09: 30-09: 50
Sergey Budrin, Investigation of low-frequency acoustic waves in the zone of decreasing depth of the continental shelf, Pacific Oceanological Institute of FEB RAS

09: 50-10: 20 Exhibition, break

10: 20-10: 40
Wei Zesyun, A harmonic analyzed parameterization of tide-induced mixing and its application in a China adjacent seas numerical model, First Marine Research Institute of the Ministry of Natural Resources

10: 40-11: 00
Deng Cheng, Multimodal Cognition: Semantic Understanding of Language and Vision, Xi’an Electrotechnical University

11: 00-11: 20 Xue Quan, Millimeter wave ICs and antennas for 5G / 6G, South China University of Technology

11: 20-11: 40
Xiao Liang Investigation of Underwater Interference Retraction Mechanism Based on Reinforced Learning, Xiamen University

11: 40-12: 00
Mishchenko Mikhail, Geoacoustic research in Kamchatka, ICRR FEB RAS

13: 30-13: 45
Dow Inke, General design and test of acoustic monitoring buoy at the ice-sea border, Taiyuan University of Technology

13: 45-14: 00
Li Zhijun, Methods of ice thickness measurements, Dalian University of Technology

14: 00-14: 15
Lei Ruibo, Sea ice observations during the MOSAiC: Chinese contributions, Chinese Polar Research Center

14: 15-14: 30
Dolgov Alexander, Scientific echo sounders for research of stocks of water bioresources, Open Company Design bureau of marine electronics “Vector”

14: 30-14: 45
Pleshkov Anton, Complex geophysical 3D mapping of the seabed, Marine Innovations

14: 45-15: 00
Liu Jun, Underwater acoustic sensor network – From theory to practice, Beijing University of Aviation and Cosmonautics

15: 00-15: 15
Hui Fenming, A review of remote sensing for sea-surface conditions monitoring in the Arctic Northern passages, Zhongshan University

15: 15-15: 30
Zhang Xuegan, Preliminary study on acoustic characteristics of ice medium, 760 Research Institute of the Chinese Shipbuilding Corporation

15: 30-15: 40 Break

15: 40-15: 55
Wang Jintao, Visual Light Underwater Technology, Tsinghua University

15: 55-16: 10
Dunchevskaya Svetlana, Multifunctional sonar scanner, FORT XXI Company

16: 10-16: 25
Makarov Sergei, Meteor long-range communication to ensure the northern sea route in the Arctic during an emergency, St. Petersburg Polytechnic University of Peter the Great

16: 25-16: 40
Tarasov Sergey, Low-frequency parametric systems in the shallow sea, Southern Federal University

16: 40-16: 55
Li Tao, Analysis of the mechanisms of changes in the environment of the upper ocean in the Arctic in the autumn-winter period, Chinese University of Oceanology

16: 55-17: 10
Wen Huntao, Progress in Arctic Acoustics, Third Marine Research Institute of the Ministry of Natural Resources

17: 10-17: 25
Zhang Tao, Joint Arctic International Expedition Program, Second Marine Research Institute, Ministry of Natural Resources

17: 25-17: 40
Yin Jingwei, Basic Research and Technical Applications of Polar Acoustics, Harbin University of Engineering