Multifunctional hydroacoustic scanner (MHS)

The project is intended for implementing of the roadmap towards the development of the advanced underwater robotics used for the inspection of hydro technical facilities (HTF) and emergency risk assessment.

NPP “Fort XXI” proposes an innovative multifunctional hardware and software complex providing a comprehensive assessment of the technical condition of HTF underwater constructions for the safety declaration. The complex provides rapid high-resolution control of the underwater dam parts.

MHS implements the original technology of hydroacoustic surveying using the special vessel moving near the surveyed surface along the cable support. It allows to achieve the required detail at the investigation of deep-seated hydraulic structures (more than 40-50 m).

The complex allows to perform high resolution hydroacoustic survey of underwater surfaces of hydro technical facilities. We have the real time information about hydrophysical and hydrochemical parameters of the water.
The complex provides high-detailed hydroacoustic images which is unattainable using traditional methods at depth more then 40-50 m. The centimeter accuracy of the images coordinates is achieved using MHS. It provides to discover and monitor defects of the surveyed facilities.

NPP “Fort XXI”, founded in 1993, is specializes on the development and production of hardware and software systems for inspection of underwater objects and water areas. NPP “Fort XXI” created the equipment and specialized software successfully operated by 158 organizations in Russia. NPP “Fort XXI” has patents for technical solutions and belongs to the circle of organizations engaged in the survey of special hydro technical facilities. NPP “Fort XXI” fulfilled surveys of the underwater parts of largest Russian hydroelectric power stations, including Sayano-Shushenskaya GES, Bratsk GES, Ust-Ilim GES.

New devices no having analogues in the world will be developed and manufactured during the project implementation:
– Universal hydroacoustic module (UHM), containing sonar and positioning system;
– a specialized vessel for moving UHM along the cable support, comprising the system of spatial stabilization and hydrophysical and hydrochemical parameters sensors;
– specialized software for processing and data visualization.

The complex is especially effective for planned and operational control of large and high-mountainous domestic and foreign dams.

The MHS project received positive feedback and support for the introduction from FGBU VNII GOSHC (FC) of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia, IO RAS them. P.P. Shirshov, NPC PALS (Samara), Podvodnaya Robototekhnika (Moscow), FSUE OKB of Oceanological Techniques RAN, NP Russian-Indian Scientific and Technical Center.


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