R&D works within Development-NTI Program are presented at the conference in Novorossiysk

On 17 October 2017, Admiral Ushakov Maritime State University hosted the regional conference of MARINET in Novorossiysk. Among traditional issues for the regional conference the participants reviewed preliminary results of 20 R&D works developed within the framework of Development-NTI Program.

The regional conference gathered over 30 participants including representatives of Admiral Ushakov Maritime State University, regional companies and organizations as well as MARINET experts.

Alexander Pinskiy, MARINET Deputy Leader told the participants about key activities, achievements and plans of the MARINET and the opportunities to participate in its work. Representatives of the regional organizations expressed their interest in implementation of the projects in the area of underwater robotics, control and reduction of emissions from ship propulsion systems, as well as e-Navigation services.

The conference also reviewed preliminary results of 20 R&D works and plans for their commercialization developed within the Development-NTI Program supported by Foundation for Assistance to Innovations:
– Magnetic flaw detector for scanning pipes of the main and auxiliary equipment of oil and gas production “SMD-T” SATURN “, Antenor LLC (Republic of Mari El)
– Hardware and software complex for seabed objects mapping and their visual verification, LLC “TsMI MGU” of Moscow State University (Moscow)
– The technology of emulating external influences on shipborne equipment by electric and information networks to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of its development, manufacturing, output control and maintenance processes, NPO Yunisap LLC “(Moscow)
– Development of software for modeling the flow of liquids and gases to assess its impact on innovative shipbuilding, Scientific and Technical Center “APM” (Moscow region)
– The technology for monitoring aquatic bioresources in inland waters and in the coastal waters for industrial fisheries with a view to increasing the efficiency of their use, Vector LLC (Rostov Region)
– Network-centric scalable underwater communication system “Underwater Internet of Things”, LLC “Laboratory of Underwater Communications and Navigation” (Moscow)
– Development of methodological guidelines for the design and calculation of building structures for the wave energy damper, NPO Gidroenergospetsstroy LLC (St. Petersburg)
– Biological technology for the purification of marine wastewater contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons, Group of companies Biomedchim (Republic of Bashkortostan)
– Mobile automated complex for operational monitoring of water pollution, SITEKRIM LLC (Moscow region)
– The complex for remote monitoring and management of wells and equipment of oil and gas deep-sea offshore fields, SRI TS Pilot LLC (Republic of Bashkortostan)
– Technological system for marine positioning of modules of the Floating Wave Power Plant, Applied Technology Company LLC (Moscow)
– Development of a methods and device for express diagnostics of disperse oil composition to prevent the accidental formation of asphaltene-tar-paraffin deposits in subsea pipelines during the extraction of hydrocarbons from the Arctic shelf, Photocor LLC (Moscow)
– Creation of a unified processing and 2D / 3D mapping of hydrographic data in real time information system (Hydrograph), Ekran LLC (Moscow region)
– Acoustic Doppler current meter (profilograph), NTC “Monitoring” LLC (Nizhny Novgorod region)
– The system of automatic navigation of marine mobile objects on the basis of operational analysis of ship, satellite and coastal data, Marineo LLC (Vladivostok)
– Method for forming structural elements from composite materials using the 3D-LCM method, “REDIUS 168” LLC (St. Petersburg)
– Development of a multiprocessor hardware and software platform for building the computing environment of autonomous uninhabited underwater vehicles, INCOM LLC (Tomsk region)
– LOOKOUT – Smart Vessel. Prototype of the automated smart ship system for monitoring and controlling the ship’s parameters with elements of augmented piloting based on satellite communication channels, ServiceSoft LLC (Tula)
– Ship pipeline fittings lined with the latest nanocomposite coatings with an intelligent control system, SMART-Armatura LLC (Yaroslavl Region)
– The technology for intensive fish cultivation in artificially created biocenose on the basis of microalgae community – live food objects, Simeon AquaBio Technologies LLC (Rostov region)

Sergei Kukushkin, representative of the Foundation for Assistance to Innovations, stressed that the Foundation provides support for a wide range of programs: UMNIC for young researchers, START for start-ups support, and Development for small enterprises. That provides a step-by-step, end-to-end support for projects from the concept stage to the stage of an international business.