Simulator for remote operators of inland water autonomous vessel presented

In 2023, MARINET together with industrial partner NPK Systems and Technologies, developed draft national standards GOST R “Operator simulator for an autonomous inland water merchant vessel. Terms and definitions” and GOST R “Operator simulator for an autonomous inland water merchant vessel” and a prototype of the simulator for remote operators of inland water autonomous vessel “ASM – 2023”.

As part of activities for the technological sovereignty development, these standards will accelerate the introduction of new technologies in training specialists for autonomous ships and eliminate barriers to the development of autonomous shipping. In November 2023, the simulator successfully passed technology performance tests under conditions close to real ones, which shows the achievement of the 5th level of technological readiness level (TRL 5).

The simulator and its technical components provide assessment of competences using an advanced computer technology. It provides, with the necessary and sufficient degree, an imitation of real processes of autonomous navigation technology by a remote operator.

Imitation of the ship devices operation is provided by the models of navigation devices. Detailing is important not only to create realistic ship models, but also to ensure that operators are fully immersed in the ship’s operation. Every detail, every unique property of the vessel, recreated with special care, allows you to generate and fully experience the work of the vessel. Thanks to detailed development, users of the simulator can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of real control of autonomous ships.

This simulator is in demand for conducting experiments on Russian inland water transport and is designed to provide ships with an autonomous control system, tests in a virtual environment, as well as training river vessel operators.