Software platform for automatic data processing of well logging

LLC “ActionSpace” within the Digital Design Group of Companies developed the Software Platform for automatic data processing of Well Logging (hereinafter WL) .

The main purpose of the software platform is:
• An automation of WL data analysis using innovative methods of machine learning
• A quality enhancement of WL data processing using methods of machine learning
• A time reduction of WL data processing and a construction of geophysical models.

Current version of the SP allows to:
• Upload and download the WL data
• Train the neural networks applied in WL data analysis tasks
• Evaluate the data quality and noise filtration
• Visualize the WL data
• Analyze the WL data both in manual and automatic modes, e.g.:
• A lithotype definition (automatic lithological interpretation of the wells section);
• A recovery of missing and distorted (deficient) data (replacement of noisy and poor quality logging data results)
• An implementation of the cross-well correlation
• The geophysical 3D models of wellfield

The software platform testing showed that proposed solutions for WL data analysis are of high quality classifications and resistant to the changing conditions of usage. The algorithms implemented in the software platform showed better results regarding to the already existing solutions and geophysicists’ evaluation. During the software testing the high scores were received, as the developed software platform simplified and improved the quality of work.

Martuhovich Ilya, Head of the Project Team, +7 (923) 178-64-50
Ashihmin Ilya, head of the scientific laboratory, +7 (904) 638-53-97