Open platform to develop the unmanned navigation systems based on computer simulation in virtual environment

The project creates an open-code platform for the safe and efficient validation of unmanned navigation systems. The solution integrates a lot of different simulation models and is the first to offer a full-scale model of an autonomous ship. This model will include:

– ship navigation model;

– 3d ship & environment visualization model;

– ship autonomous control model (including the autonomous maneuvering and collision-prevention system);

– ship remote control model;

– models for interaction with VTS and ordinary ships;

– technical specifications and maintenance requirements;

– regulation documents.

The platform expected as a result of this project will be strongly demanded by all the authorities and companies who are interested in the safe development, testing and further verification/certification of the autonomous ships and their components.


To know more about the project please contact Kronshtadt Technology

Dmitriy Kazunin

+7 (812) 449-90-91