Technological sovereignty in the focus of MARINET’s analytical review

On the eve of the next MARINET meeting, the MARINET Industry Association prepared an analytical review of the MARINET markets in 2022.

The review notes that the trends in the development of the world markets of the maritime industry are characterized by increased uncertainty and inconsistency. The revival of maritime transport, which was outlined by the beginning of 2022, slowed down again due to new risks and unfavorable macroeconomic conditions. The industry continues to be affected by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, including ongoing coronavirus restrictions in China.

At the same time, it is the COVID-19 pandemic and macroeconomic volatility that have become drivers for the introduction of new digital technologies and services.

The influence of the green agenda and decarbonization policies continues to grow, moving, for example, energy-efficient ship technologies from desirable, subject to economic feasibility, to politically mandatory.

For the first time, the report focuses on domestic Russian factors. The impact of sanctions against the Russian economy and the withdrawal of a significant number of foreign companies from the Russian market are creating a new landscape for the high-tech marine business. The adaptation of MARINET companies to these conditions should include a set of measures that are called by the authors of the review as ensuring technological sovereignty.

An analytical review of 2022 on MARINET markets is available in the section for registered users.