The finalists of the GenerationS in the MARINET nomination are selected

On April 27 the final of the Federal Accelerator of technological startups GenerationS was held in Moscow. This year for the first time the participants competed in the special nomination MARINET.

The finalists of the nomination were five participants:
• Yochting (Moscow) – platform, which unites participants of the yacht charter market in a single interface;
• Hydro Tower (St. Petersburg) – sea-based hydroelectric power station of cyclone type;
• ProFiShip (Kaliningrad) – smart factory for non-waste processing of fish raw materials;
• Fish Fur (Novosibirsk) – eco technologies of fish wastes processing and
• Distributed Fiber-Optic Hydroacoustic Sensor (St. Petersburg).

The finalists’ projects will be presented at the MARINET Meeting on May 16 and will be supported in case the project is approved by the MARINET.

Authors of another six projects participating in the accelerator will be invited to submit their projects for consideration of the MARINET expert groups:
• Autonomously controlled underwater well drilling system for the Arctic shelf
• Air-independent power plant based on gas-free fuel
• Multifunctional Raman laser sensor «MARO»
• Robotic technology for the construction of submarine structures
• Wave power plant ORION-117
• The system of local positioning of robotic vessels for organizing their movement in difficult conditions and automatic approaching

Total in the MARINET nomination of Accelerator GenerationS participated 49 applications.